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The Finnish Seamen’s Union was founded in 1916 and is a trade organization for seamen. It organizes some 10.000 members. Union members include deck and engine-room crew, galley and supply personnel, restaurant and shop-keeping staff, and musicians. Fairway personnel, port officers, and staff and cleaning workers at terminals also belong to the Union. Places of work include freighters and tankers, passenger ferries, cable-ferries, icebreakers, lighters and on internal waterways passenger vessels, towboats and push-barges. The Finnish Seamen’s Union is a member of The Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and The International Transportworkers Federation (ITF).

Collective bargaining is important aspect of the work of the Seamen’s Union. So is affecting legislation in various fields relevant to working at sea. As a member you can participate in electing a shop steward. You can find here the agreement on conditions of sea-employment on board passenger vessels engaged in foreign traffic.

Individual members are given counseling and assisted free-of-charge for example in contract, tax, working time and unemployment matters. If negotiations in conflicts do not result in a satisfactory outcome, the Union takes care of members' legal proceedings.

 Our office in Helsinki is staffed by 24 employees. We have also offices in Kotka, Turku and Maarianhamina.

 In 2004 the membership fee is 1,55 % of the gross salary.

Remember to sign your membership form right at the start of your employ!


Why should you belong to the Union?

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