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Membership Benefits

As a Union member you can

  • participate in branch meetings and other events (education, happenings)
  • get assistance in legal matters
  • be entitled to the Union’s strike benefit in strike situations
  • buy fuel at reduced prices from Teboil service stations
  • get reduced insurance premiums with the Turva insurance company
  • deduct the membership fee from your income in taxation
  • get subsidised holidays

Union cabins are available to union members at affordable rates. There are cabins at Honkalahti, Kerimäki, Kustavi, Levintunturi, Velskola and Vaasa. Bookings are received at the Union office on weekdays in office hours: phone 09-615 20 260. Reservations for the summer season are by application. The application form appears in the spring edition of the periodical Merimies-Sjömannen and on our Internet pages.

Prices 1.2.2004:
35€/day (260€/week in summertime)
Kerimäki (near Savonlinna)
big cottage 35€/day (260€/week in summertime)
cottages 1, 2 and 3  35€/day (260€/week in summertime)
Honkalahti (near Hamina)
35€/day (260€/week in summertime)
Meriluoto/Sandvik (in Vaasa)
35€/day (210€/week in summertime)
Meri-Levi in Lapland
40€/day (330€/week in winter/springtime)

As a member, you´ll have our membership card. With the card you can have discount when visiting Teboil -gas station, insurance company Turva, Finnish Traveling Bureau, Nordea Bank etc. You will also get our monthly magazine Merimies-Sjömannen. You can buy Pomi home computers or laptop cheaper, you can find material in Finnish www.sak.fi  

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